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Here We Are...


Ben George: Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Ben has been playing guitar and singing for over 15 years. His soulful voice helps carry Highstrung's Bluegrass sound.  Ben also owns a landscaping business right here in the Greensboro area.  Benjamin George Landscaping.


Willam Hicks: Mandolin / Vocals

William took up mandolin back in May 1996 after a fortuitous trade with a Fender Mustang at a guitar show.  He has been with the band since August of 2001 and has the style and taste to fit right in. William aims to continually  play and sing from the hip and strive for the high lonesome feel that gives bluegrass its grit and soul. As all of you players out there know, this is what we strive for.

Alan Hines
Alan Hines

Alan Hines: Banjo

Alan started playing in January 1999. Without having played any other instrument, he got ahold of his step-dad's old banjo and started plunking.  He took lessons for 1 1/2 years with Craig Smith.   Then he set out to find his own style.  Al would rather be pickin' than...well, most things in life.  Of course, other than spending time with his lovely wife, Kristie and two boys, Dylan, Jacob & new daughter Macy.  Al has also played the part of 'Cousin Rubert' in the Barn Dinner Theater's production of 'Smoke on the Mountain'


Bob Worrells: Lead Guitar
Bob has been playing guitar for 15 years plus. His guitar style is soulful and smooth. His breaks are clean and creative. Bob played in the band "FolksWaggin" for several years before helping to found Highstrung.

Now That's a cool pic!

Ed Atkinson -BASS
Ed is back on the doghouse.  Ed is a prime example of the rhythmic backbone that holds a band together.  His bass playing is clean, crisp and a pleasure to listen to.